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"Travelling has always been an immensely exciting venture for people across the world, and for all those who are passionate about travelling, it is always recommended that you make informed decisions, and plan well in advance in order to enjoy and have the best possible experience."

No matter which corner of the globe you wish to travel to, UK Share will always keep you informed and educated about the nuances of planning your trip.


Team of Travel Experts

We represent a dynamic team travel experts from various facets of the travel and tourism industry, backed by the sole purpose of assisting travel enthusiasts in making the best travel decisions.

Travel Destinations

We have compiled a voluminous amount of travel information on all major travel destinations of the world. So whether you wish to traverse the snowy Alps, or it is your desire to take a cruise along the French Rivera, or you want to experience a wildlife safari in the Amazon Rainforests, we have elaborate information and travel advice on each and every aspect as well as area that you can possibly think about.

Country-wise Travel Advice

Each and every country has its own specific set of political, cultural, social and economic framework, and before you embark on a trip to a distant land, it is always recommended that you keep these pointers in mind so that you do not have any unwanted surprises during your trip. We have a catalogue of alphabetically organized as well as suitably cross-referenced country-wise travel advice, just a click away from you. To gain access to our online country guide catalogue, register with us today!

Unbiased Traveler Reviews

Unlike other travel sites and travel guides that host paid reviews, we have a current and updated database of travel reviews, which will enable you to make wise decisions while wanting to travel to a particular destination or tourist hotspot. Moreover, there are also reviews on a wide number of hotels and resorts, both standalone ones as well as hotel chains. The comparative pricing of the hotels is also placed next to the reviews, thereby enabling you to make the correct decision as far as booking your accommodation is concerned.

Travel Videos

Apart from the written information on travel destinations, we also have a bevy of travel videos that will provide you with glimpses of different places across the globe, and will enable you to decide which place you would like to visit if given a choice.

Free Consultation for First Timers

For those of you who are new to our travel consultation and travel guide services, we will be more than pleased to provide you with a free one hour consultation session with our travel expert, who will resolve all your queries, and also assist you in putting together the perfect travel itinerary for you. Based on your judgment or perception of the consultation, you are free to opt for our travel guide services.




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I’ve always wanted to embark on a spiritual tour across several countries of the world, but was unsure about how to organize my trip, as it involves a number of complex decisions and good amount of planning. UK Share has fulfilled all my expectations.
By By Demi Whittaker
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I came to know about UK Share from one of my colleagues, and although I was hesitant to avail their services initially, I was really pleased with their vast database of relevant and accurate information on all major tourist destinations.
By Charlie Read
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